Zeus B. Held

Zeus B Held (Writer/Producer) credits include: Birth Control, Les Rockets, Gina X Performance, Spear of Destiny, Dead Or Alive, John Foxx, Fashion, Nik Kershaw, Pete Wylie, Transvision Vamp, Die Krupps, Udo Lindenberg, Flesh For Lulu, OMYO, Andy Weatherall, Chaz Jankel, Nina Hagen, Hawkwind and Men Without Hats, Classic re-mixes for Artists including Gary Numan, Dead Or Alive, Alphaville, Kissing The Pink, Love & Rockets, Black Uhuru, Killing Joke, Erasure, A-Ha, Simple Minds, Exotic Birds, Fields of The Nephilim, The Mission and The Fall.


Zeus B. Held is a German music legend producer and musician, best known for his work with several leading artists of the Krautrock, Disco and New Wave era. Besides being an experienced producer and soundcreator/designer with his musical education on piano and reed instruments he is also a very well-respected arranger having spent 6 years as the keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist with the German group “Birth Control” (recording in total 6 albums).

After writing and producing the groundbreaking album by Gina X Performance “Nice Mover”, (followed by three more Gina X albums), his first UK production credits were with Fashion and Dead or Alive, he produced Pete Wylie’s “Sinful” album and the hit album by Men Without Hats which yielded a number one in many European countries and a US Top 20 hit with “Pop Goes The World”. This was followed by 2 hugely successful hit albums (including a #1) and numerous top ten hit singles with British group Transvision Vamp.

Zeus went on to write and produce two successful albums with Nina Hagen “Nina Hagen” 1990 and “Street” 1991, Udo Lindenberg’s “Casanova”, Win, National Velvet, Spear Of Destiny, rock legends Hawkwind – “Distant Horizons”, throughout this time he was also famous as a World renowned hit driven re-mixer. Zeus also worked with “Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg”, where he created and realised the 3 year project “EuroPop”, which was a musician’s networking, events (EuroPop Festival in Neuf-Brisach) and education program founded by the European Union. His latest musical ventures involve Big Bands and orchestras, as well as the highly rated retrospective album, Voice-Versa, featuring solo material as well as tracks by Gina X Performance and Les Rockets.

2015 was a great year for Zeus his newest project came in his new studio album “Logic of Coincidence” released on Les Disques du Crepuscule.

Recorded chiefly in Japan and Germany, Logic of Coincidence is experimental yet highly melodic. Luke Rhinehart provides the spoken narrative on two tracks, The Glass Bead Dice Man and Surrender Your Soul.

The album closes with a remix of “Kant Can Dance” by Dream Control, the new Zeus B. Held project with former Tangerine Dream member Steve Schroyder.

A Beginner’s Guide to Zeus B Held


IMG_20170812_185746The long awaited debut album,  Zeitgeber was finally released.  The album celebrates Dream Control’s very own sound and rhythm in a cosmic journey through audio and time, structured in ten compositions and improvisations.

Dream Control are Zeus B. Held and Steve Schroyder.   A pioneer of electronic music, Steve was prominent in the 1970’s first in Berlin with Tangerine Dream, Ashra Tempel and Timothy Leary.

They are two legends of the German Krautrock and electronic scene.  The aim is to share their experience with the pioneering beginnings of this iconic German movement and open new doors to musical perception. “We want to create a sound, that has never before been heard”, enthuses Zeus. “There are no musical specifications or stipulations and we are pushing the boundaries of improvisation.” Steve, for whom the spiritualty of music is a leitmotif in his own work, adds: “The level of perception inside a dream ought to give people a musical experience. Together we escape the structural constraints of everyday life.”

Out via Planetware

His original music has been used in Films and for Major TV campaigns and commercials some of which include: Mad Dogs, C&A, Swatch, Audi, Rowntree, Marbles, Direct Line, Weightwatchers and Africa Aid.

2016 NEW LOOK CAMPAIGN for the Autumn and Winter campaign.

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