MJ Publishing

The publishing arm of Music Jam launched in 2014 our first signing was Andrea Terrano, who co wrote on the Basement Jaxx Single ‘Mermaid of Salinas’.  

Since then Music Jam Publishing has gone onto have cuts with Polish finalist on the Voice Michał Szczygieł, a number of Korean and Japanese acts including, BoA, Super Junior, W-inds, Anda, Red Velvet, Koda Kumi, Gugudan, SHINee, GOT7,  and the 2019 UNICEF single with SM Town artists, ‘This is your Day’.  Our lead single off the Arashi album, Digitalian has achieved triple platinum status. 

In 2021 ‘Mirror’ Hong Kong’s answer to BTS released their single ‘All in One’ the song was used in an advert campaign which kicked off November 3rd 2021 for the Christmas season with McDonalds. Music Jam publishes this record on behalf of Hwan Yang and Val del Prete.

In 2022 we saw the reunion of the Sugababes for a UK tour to celebrate an undoubtably impressive reign over British pop!  This past year the girls have dominated the festival scene and in 2023 played the 02. A new edition to the set list is ‘Today’ co written by the band, MNEK and Gifty. Music Jam publishing proudly representing Gifty on the record. 

In 2023 client Mushtaq has undoubtedly had one of the BIGGEST independent records of the year with the legendary Canadian singer and performer Raghav. Raghav’s single ‘Desperado’ was co written and produced by Mushtaq. The single is a collaboration record with fellow Canadian Tesher 

Desperado‘ clocked up an amazing 34 million streams on Spotify, TIK TOK has had 3 MILLION VIDEOS CREATED. 1.23 MILLION FAVOURITES.  

Music Jam publishes Mushtaq on ‘Desperado’ as well the follow up singles ‘Chingari’ and ‘Choro’.

NEW FOR 2024

Music Jam signed Radio One DJ René LaVice catalogue including his works with the Prodigy as well as all the releases on his own label DeVice.

These are a few of our other cuts……

Other repertoire includes a collection of BOND copyrights including all their latest singles, the classical iTunes Chart Number One, ‘Come Home’ and their huge smash Viva!

For licensing please contact natalie@music-jam.com.