MJ Publishing

The publishing arm of Music Jam was launched in 2014 Music Jam our first signing was Andrea Terrano, who co wrote on the Basement Jaxx Single ‘Mermaid of Salinas’.  Since then we have had further cuts with Korean super star BoA, Japanese artists Donghae and Eunhyuk, two of the members from Super Junior, cuts with Japanese boyband ‘W-inds’.  The huge Japanese sensation that is Arashi their album, ‘Digitalian’ went onto sell Triple Platinum and tour DVD went to Number One.

In 2017 we added Korean star Anda, Red Velvet, Koda Kumi (Music Jam signed the lead single from Kumi’s newest album) and finally boyband Boyfriend to our catalogue.

New for 2018!

We are excited to announce the cut in March with GOT7 which Music Jam proudly represents Charlie Tenku on.   The son, ‘Thank you’ is written with UK writers Matt Weedon and Stephan Langstaff alongside members from GOT7.




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